Send Your Message to Harrisburg: “NO Red Flag Gun Confiscation!”

Dear Rep. Stephens, Sen. Killion, and Co-sponsors of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bills HB1075 and SB90,
Red Flag Gun Seizures are an egregious violation of due process.
They steal people’s guns based on an unprovable claim that they “might” shoot someone.
This policy deprives people of their firearms without convicting them of any crime, without a jury trial, and without allowing them to face their accuser.
These laws, also known as “extreme risk protection orders,” actually create new unnecessary risks for police officers and gun owners.
Our police officers should not be put in the dangerous, immoral position of having to steal firearms from innocent people.
In Maryland, a Red Flag gun seizure resulted in police fatally shooting a gun owner in his own home.
Please immediately withdraw your sponsorship from this unsafe and constitutionally questionable assault on gun rights and due process.
Red Flag Gun Confiscation Petition